News: Violent hit-and-run crash reported in NW Austin

AUSTIN, TX – An Austin woman was lucky to avoid serious injury when she was the victim of a bizarre hit-and-run incident in the city’s northwest side last Wednesday, Fox 29 reports.

Danielle Cotey says she was driving home that afternoon when a four-door Volkswagen Passat cut off her in the 10000 block of Spicewood Parkway. A man got out of the Passat and threw an object at her vehicle. When she tried to drive away, the Passat’s driver steered the car into her path, colliding with her red sedan. Fortunately, Cotey was able to effect an escape.

The strange encounter was captured by a security camera on a nearby house.

Police were still searching for the people in the Passat as of that Friday. It is not clear whether they eventually found them.

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