News UPDATE: Five hospitalized following massive pileup on TX-45

AUSTIN, TX – Media outlets are now saying that at least five people were hospitalized following the 26-car pileup that took place on TX-45 east of US 183 yesterday.

Fox 26 reports that a total of 32 people were involved in the crash, five of whom were transported to area hospitals. One of the injured individuals was designated a trauma alert.

A man who was involved in the incident told Fox 26 that the crash began when a small vehicle passed his pickup truck and slammed into the median barrier. Other motorists were unable to get out of the way in time, leading to the pileup.

Emergency responders were forced to de-ice the area by hand in order to get to the wreck, and it took a battery of tow trucks several hours to clear the wreckage. CapMetro provided buses to keep workers and victims safe and warm.

A second pileup was reported in the same area later that evening.

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