News: Roads likely blocked for days, Austinites asked to stay home

AUSTIN, TX – Dangerous icy weather conditions may lead to roads in Austin being closed for several days to come, according to KXAN.

A spokesman from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) stated that despite crews working since this morning to attempt to clear the roadways, it may be Thursday or later before the ice begins to melt.

TxDOT will focus first on the major highways and roadways in the area, and they are expected to be cleared by next Monday.

TxDOT stated that they did pretreat the roadways during the days leading up to the winter storm.  

Texans are advised to remain home if possible and to stay off the roadways, as crashes could block access for first responders throughout the city. Those who have lost power are also asked not to drive, as their chances of freezing are greater if they are stranded on the side of the road than if they are in their homes.

Those who absolutely must travel, however, are advised to bring blankets, water, and snacks with them into the vehicle.

Texans are asked to check TxDOT’s website for information on which roadways may be safer to drive.  

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